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Notice of Asbestos Abatement Project at Homer Elementary School 2/15/16:
Dear Homer Elementary School Staff and Parents,   Homer Elementary School recently had a pipe rupture that was associated with the building's hot-water heating system. As a result of this issue, Room 203 sustained significant water damage ... more >>

1950 Time Capsule Discovered At Homer High School:
Listen to this audio of the ceremony conducted in 1950 to place the cornerstone at the newly built Homer High School which was the centralization of 28 separate districts.  Also see the listing of the contents of the time capsule.   ... more >>

Safety Drill:
Routinely, Homer Central School personnel conduct safety drills as well as cooperate with police in ensuring a safe school environment. One part of this routine is to use K-9 officers to assist in the search of school ... more >>

Hartnett Building Press Release:
Press Release BOE Presentation

Special Board Meeting-11/5/15:
Special Board Meeting-11/5/15, 5:30 PM , HS Cafeteria Note:  Board member Katie Dwyer will be participating via teleconferencing from the following location :  Hilton Garden Inn, 1575 Round ... more >>
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STAR Classroom Holds A Book Dedication Party:
On February 2, 2016, the Intermediate School STAR class held a book dedication party to honor librarian Mrs. Nachtrieb. The class wrote a book entitled The STARS Are Out, with student illustrations for the page he or she wrote. At the dedication, each student read her or his page aloud and answered questions about their page and illustrations. It was a great way to thank Mrs. Nachtireb for always sharing great literature with us! Each student received a copy of the book. Ask one of these budding authors to see their copy of The STARS Are Out!

Eighth Grade Earth Science Students Mentoring Fifth Graders:
Junior High eighth grade earth science students are enjoying mentoring fifth graders on their science projects. Every other friday the older students go to the intermediate school and give them assistance on hypothesis and the process. Their collective successes will be on display at the annual science fair at the Intermediate School on February 25th. The public is welcome to attend.

JH High Science Investigating Radiation And The Electromagnetic spectrum:
Students in JH Science classes have been investigating radiation and the electromagnetic spectrum. Pictured are students from Team 6A during a lab on visible light as wave energy appears on the ceiling in the electromagnetic spectrum. Students use the acronym ROY G BIV to learn the order of the colors of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Students had fun figuring out how to split visible light.

6A Science Has Fun With Newton's Law:
  Science students on Team 6A enjoy stringing out Newton's beads to apply the principle of "an object in motion stays in motion" until a force stops it.

Iditarod Poems Published:
Brayden F., Riley J., and Valerie M. surprised Mrs. Martin Friday with a gift. Last year, the students were in Mrs. Martin’s 4th grade class. Each had their Iditarod poem printed in Eloquence: 2015 Poetry Collection  published by The America Library of Poetry. The students presented the book, which they signed, to their former teacher. Mrs. Martin is very proud of them (and ALL her students!) and so thankful for the wonderful gift.    

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