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Sixth Grade Gets Yoga Balls

HCSD Sixth graders are the benefactors of community generosity. Mr. Larry Lines and employees of Gutchess Lumber and Mr. Christopher Henry of Adhan Piping Company made it possible for students to have a science classroom with flexible seating. The two local businesses purchased yoga balls which are housed inside of a chair on wheels, with a back support as well. Flexible seating comes in many forms from yoga balls, to elevated desks and tables, scoop chairs and sofas. The myriad benefits of having flexible seating in a classroom is it allows for choice-movement of location and the positioning of seating can change daily as needed during lessons. Students who are uncomfortable tend to become distracted or even disruptive; now they can bounce, wobble, roll, stand or kneel, which helps students to remain calm and focused. It supports community and shared space by removing the territorial feeling of this is "my desk." Students can experience collaboration as they easily roll to various locations, share ideas and thinking aloud rather than learning isolation. Lastly, it helps students with specific sensory issues remain more focused and able to process information better. Thank you to Gutchess Lumber and Adhan Piping for making this possible for the students in Homer. We are an appreciative group of learners.

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