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Junior High Art Students Have Creations Displayed in Superintendent's Office

On Tuesday, Homer Central School District’s administration held an ad hoc art show in the district office, inviting two dozen art students from the junior high school (and their family members) to the space to talk about the fantastic designs that adorned the walls.

While it was a great opportunity for these students to talk about their exceptional creations, the visit accomplished other goals as well, one of which was the opportunity for the superintendent to re-introduce himself to students in his new administrative capacity. “I want to see more kids in the office,” District Superintendent Thomas Turck told the gathered audience. “That’s what I got into this business for; I love working with students. You can always feel free to stop in.”

The superintendent also recalled the feel of the office when he started in July. “This place wasn’t very bright and inviting,” according to Mr. Turck. While he pledged to return the art back into the hands of its creators in due time, he seemed pleased with the new vibrancy the office gave off in the present, and hoped it would serve as a visual reminder of who the district is there to serve. “When people walk in, they’ll realize that this is a place for students,” said Mr. Turck. “That’s what we’re all here for.” 

student artwork on wall
artwork of mr. turck
a student's painting of sneakers
a painting of smarties candy!
a painting of shoes on newspaper

In the end, the showcase represented the rare all-around win. The district office got a much-needed splash of color. The parents got to visit with the superintendent and see some of the awesome designs their kids created, while the students got to see their hard work presented in a “show” format and have it credited for changing the vibe in the office. As for Mr. Turck, he received the chance to re-engage with some of the students he’ll soon see roaming the halls of the high school before we know it.

A special thank-you goes out to junior high Art Teachers Lauren Nels and Brookley Spanbauer for curating the artwork for the exhibit, and without whom the showcase could not have happened!

To visit the full gallery of pictures from the event, please visit our Facebook page

mr. turck takes a picture with art students
mr. turck talks art with students
students and guests chat about exhibit
student poses for picture in front of her creation
students sharing a laugh during art exhibit

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