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Mrs. Jeanne Stevens, Mrs. Connie Martin, and Miss Sarah Bonnell are the Reading Teachers at HomerIntermediate School. Mrs. Candie Ostrander is the Instructional Materials Specialist. We work closely as a team to provide a cohesive, consistent reading program for each child.  Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Martin, and Miss Bonnell can be contacted at the Homer Intermediate School (607) 749-1240. Our e-mail addresses are as follows:

Mrs. Jeanne Stevens: jstevens@homercentral.org
Mrs. Connie Martin: cmartin@homercentral.org
Miss Sarah Bonnell: sbonnell@homercentral.org


Compensatory Reading Program

The Compensatory Reading Program is for students who need extra reading practice. Students receive 90-150 minutes of instruction per week.  This may be done in a push-in or pull-out format. In this way, each child can receive more individualized attention. Students also read books and participate in activities designed for their particular needs and reading level.

The activities that children participate in are based on the literature that is being read and include reading activities to improve comprehension, decoding, reading strategies, fluency, vocabulary and the writing process.


Identification for Reading Services

Children are identified for Compensatory Reading in several ways.

Second and Third Graders

At the end of Second Grade, the Reading Teachers from the Intermediate and Elementary Schools assess each student in the areas of Reading and Writing.  The following materials are used:  PM Benchmark Kit (leveled passages) and a Writing Sample.  Students are rescreened in September with similar assessments.

Students who score a year below grade level on these assessments are identified for Compensatory Reading Services. Parents will receive a letter to notify them if their child has been recommended to receive Compensatory Reading.

Fourth and Fifth Graders

At the end of each school year, reading and classroom teachers identify students who may need extra help the following year. In addition, more students could be recommended based on English Language Arts Test results. These students are screened in the fall using the Woodcock Reading Mastery Test-Revised, a standardized test.  In addition, the QRI-4 (Qualitative Reading Inventory-4) may be used.

Parents will then receive a letter notifying them if their child has been recommended to receive Compensatory Reading.


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