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Homer Sophomore Named YWCA Artist of the Month

Earlier this month, sophomore Brittani Corson was named as the YWCA’s Artist of the Month! She received this distinction, in part, as the result of some of her amazing photography.

Brittani has taken it upon herself to enroll in many of the art classes offered through the Homer Central School District, as well as taking part in the YWCA’s summer arts program. This dedication to the learning process has culminated in her recent recognition as artist of the month, and now, her incredible work is now on display for the community to see!

sunshine through the fingers
botany on the rocks
teddy bear in the snow

“This girl is very talented!” said YWCA Program Director Mindy Gardner. “Her love of photography and art has been fostered and developed through her continuation in our programs, as well as the many great art classes that Homer schools offer.”

botany on the rocks 2

If you’re interested in seeing some more of Brittani’s work, it will be on display in the Art Gallery Hallway at the YWCA of Cortland, located at 14 Clayton Ave.
in Cortland.

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