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Junior High Inventor Visits Fourth Graders to Talk About Her Creation

Last week, Mrs. Withers and Mrs. Stone welcomed junior high school student inventor Elena into their fourth grade classroom to talk about her creation: the Huggy Box!* The visit was the perfect way to wrap up the classroom’s CKLA (core knowledge language arts) unit: Eureka! Student Inventor. Throughout the Eureka! lessons, students learned about different inventors and inventions, simple machines, and how they might go about coming up with their own inventions.

elena talks to students about her invention
teacher shows off the huggy box

Elena visited the classroom as a guest speaker, and talked to  students about her invention, the process by which she became an inventor, and the creative inspiration for the Huggy Box. At the conclusion of her presentation, the students were then given the chance to ask Elena questions, and even got to share some of their own potential invention ideas with the inventor herself!

students passing around the huggy box
young man analyzes the huggy box

*But what is the “Huggy Box?” It’s a box that you can send to somebody who you think might need a hug! Open it up, read the message, peel off the heart to take with you, and be happy in the knowledge that someone wants to give you a hug!


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