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Students Invent Delicious Donuts

Students in Mrs. Barrett's sixth grade Skills Block have recently been reading and learning about “accidental inventions” in class.

For their corresponding writing assignment, students were tasked with inventing a doughnut that would “incorporate the senses,” deciding where they would sell their creations, and then determining how much said creations would cost.

stories about inventions
students show off their creations
student shows off her presentation

Afterwards, the students shared the nuts and bolts of their quasi-business plan with the class, before actually attempting to make their proposed delicacies! They carefully brought their bakery creations to life, sharing them with their classmates and a couple of special guests: Mrs. Schneider (Junior High School Principal) and Mrs. Grassie (Sixth Grade Teacher) joined them as they created their decadent treats.

To be sure, the deliciousness that followed was no accident!

the group discusses their project

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