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Safety Drills at Homer HS Tuesday Afternoon June 11th

Safety Drill Planned at Homer High School Tuesday Afternoon

During period 9 today, school staff with assistance from local law enforcement will conduct the second of 2 required lockdown drills at Homer High School.  A lockdown drill practices our response to a violent event within the building.

Students and staff will practice finding safe positions of cover with help from law enforcement and school staff. Once at a position of cover, students will hear the following from school staff:  

1.     We are doing this prior to classes because the need to be prepared to react can occur at any place and any time so we always need to be prepared.

2.     We always want to be alert and aware of what is going on around us.  If we see or hear danger and can get away from it, we should do so. We need to notice things we do not normally see or hear. These are signals that something may be wrong and we need to react to them.

3.     Sometimes we may not be able to get away from a dangerous threat.  Finding cover behind a locked or barricaded door has been proven as a means to keep safe.   If you can’t get away from the danger by leaving the building, get into a room with a locked or blocked door.

4.     The most important thing we can do to help us all stay safe is report concerns we see or hear about to either school officials or the police.  If you see something say something. It is ok to call 911 at night or on the weekend rather than waiting until the next school day.

We plan to end the drill by 2:45 so students and staff may continue 9th period activities.

Please follow your normal afternoon plans. This email is intended to give you an awareness of our drill. Thank you for your cooperation.

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