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New Playground to Provide Pre-K Students Creative Freedom

Construction is underway on a brand new pre-k playground at
Homer Elementary School. The project is scheduled to be completed
by the first day of school for students. 
Construction is underway on a new pre-kindergarten playground at Homer Elementary School.

The new playground will provide students under the age of five a dedicated space to play, something they have been missing during their recess time.

“What we found was that the equipment that is on our bigger playground is rated ages five and up,” Homer Elementary School Principal Jim McGory said. “With the inclusion of four-year-old students within our pre-k program we weren’t allowed to let them play on it for insurance purposes. Students were playing in the field for their recess last year, but we found that their creative play lacked because they didn’t have their own dedicated space.”

The new playground will contain a variety of equipment for children to enjoy. A giant ball will serve as the center of the playground for children to come together.

“I just want to jump in and play on it myself but I’m afraid I would break the equipment!” laughed McGory. “The kids will have the space to run, play, imagine and create. It’s going to be a great space.”

The playground will also be of great use to the community. School officials anticipate the playground getting used not only during recess, but after school hours and during summer breaks as well.

“Our playground is utilized by the community day-in and day-out,” McGory said. “This playground allows more kids under the age of five to come and play on our school grounds. The accessibility component for the community is very important to have.”

The playground comes with a strong backing from the community and the Homer Board of Education, support that McGory is very grateful for.

“The parents I’ve talked to are very excited for their children to have a dedicated space to play. We appreciate the support of the Board of Education and the community with this project,” McGory said. “It’s going to allow all of the students in our building to have access to play during recess time.”

The project is on track to be completed by the first day of school for students.

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