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Todd Lisi to Bring Energy and Enthusiasm to Homer Athletics

Todd Lisi served as an assistant principal and football
coach at Solvay High School prior to coming to Homer.
Todd Lisi knows a thing or two about a strong community.

Lisi spent much of his life at Solvay High School as a student, athlete, teacher, coach and assistant principal over the span of twenty-five years. He is well known in the Solvay community and would have been thrilled to continue his career for many years to come with the Bearcats.

But when the Homer athletic director position became available it was just too good to pass up.

“I’ve always had a high respect for the Homer community,” Lisi said. “When the position was posted I knew right away that it could change my life. It was the only job I would’ve left Solvay for. To leave a community I’ve been a part of for so long shows how special this opportunity is to me.”

Lisi played football for Solvay High School and Syracuse University before returning to his alma mater as a physical education teacher and assistant principal. While he may not have experience as an athletic director, Lisi believes the things he has learned in his roles as an educator and coach at Solvay has him prepared to do an excellent job in Homer.

“Being an assistant principal, you’re talking to students and families every single day,” Lisi said. “The conversations may not always be about sports, but you’re working on the well-being of students and getting them involved in different activities. I believe these experiences have prepared me for this job today.”

Lisi is coming to an athletics program at Homer that he says is already one of the best in the area. He believes that this gives him a golden opportunity to observe and listen to the community in his first year at a job that doesn’t require much change.

“The one thing I’m not going to do is come in and make a bunch of changes,” Lisi said. “I’ve been here almost a month and what I’ve realized is how involved the community is. One of my main goals in my first year is to be visible and approachable. If you see me at an event, please come up and introduce yourself. I want to have as many conversations as possible and to learn as much as I can about the Homer community.”

While the athletics program is his primary focus, Lisi believes in enhancing the educational experience for all students, and not just athletes.

“My title is athletic director, but I also want to make sure I work with everyone else in the school,” Lisi said. “Graduating with a positive experience is very important. If a child doesn’t want to play a sport, I want to help them get involved trying a different activity. We have a lot to offer at Homer.”

Lisi has a vision of Homer setting the standard for other athletics programs to follow. For Lisi, this starts by encouraging students within the Homer community.

“To get a student out of their comfort zone and try new things,” Lisi said. “That’s the goal.”


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