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POLICY: Internet Content Filtering

Policy Number 8264

Adopted by BOE September 2001

The School District, in accordance with the provisions of the Children's Internet Protection Act, requires all District computers with Internet access that are used by elementary and secondary students to be equipped with filtering or blocking technology. Once this filtering/blocking technology is in place, newly acquired computers with Internet access used by elementary or secondary students and staff must be linked to this technology within 10 days of installation.

No filtering technology can guarantee that students and staff will be prevented from accessing all inappropriate locations. Proper supervision will be provided to all students while accessing the Internet to further ensure appropriate usage. Under certain supervised circumstances, authorized personnel may override the filtering/blocking technology for a limited, prescribed period of time to assist students or staff with special projects or research. District guidelines will be developed to implement this component of the policy.

The School District shall provide certification to document the installation of filtering/blocking technology for its computers with Internet access for students and staff. This certification will fulfill the requirements under the Children's Internet Protection Act to ensure the continuation of federal Universal Service Discounts.

17 United States Code (U.S.C.)
Section 1701 et seq.

47 United States Code (U.S.C)
Section 254 (h)(5) and (6)

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