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Technology Information

E-Mail:  Staff – Parent Communication Protocol

The following guidelines are for staff use of e-mail to communicate with parents.

Response Expectation

  • Inform parents that e-mail is not confidential, nor is it expected to be
  • Let parents know that e-mail is not checked on an hourly basis, a 24-48 hour response is normal (let parents know what your normal response time is expected to be)
  • If there are emergencies, use the phone, not e-mail


  • Use e-mail for setting up appointments, phone or conferences
  • Use e-mail for sharing curriculum links
  • Treat content as if it could be received by another party
  • Do not include personal information about the student/child in the e-mail
  • Do not include student grade or assessment information in the e-mail
  • Do not use e-mail for parental authorization (field trips, picking up student for appt. etc.)


  • Request confirmation on messages that are sent to parents
  • Send confirmation on messages received from parents


  • ID and passwords take on the next level of meaning; if staff have a negative habit of logging in and walking away from their system,students could represent themselves as staff on the station via e-mail reading/sending capabilities
  • Always log off when you are leaving your computer
    • Do not share your password
    • Change your password periodically
    • Use a combination of letters and numbers or characters in your password

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