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First Grade ELA

Alphabetical Order

Alphabet Zoo
Put animal names in alphabetical order.
Alphabet Bears
Put the bears in order. Letters and Letter Sounds
Clifford Sound Match
Find the pictures that begin with the same sound as the given picture.
Picture Match - Letter Sounds & Vowel Sounds
3 activities, match the beginning sound, or vowel sound to the picture given.
Clifford Middle Vowel
Choose the vowel that will make a word. Cvc format, make as many words as you can.
Sassy Seals
Match the given word with a word with the same beginning sound.    

Word Families

Word Build and Bank
Choose an word family, and then create as many words as possible with the ending.
Word Family Sort
Choose the vowel and then sort words given onto the proper word family    

Word Building

Fearless Frieda - Spell 3 letter words
Type the 3 letter word that is given.
Alien Word Building
Choose the letters to make the 3 letter spoken word.
Pounce - Listening for Words
Click on the word that you hear.
Word Blender
Listen to a word, choose the beginning and then its ending sound.
Clifford - Letter Match
Sort the words by beginning sounds, 2 letters for sorting will be given
Spelling web site to practice sight words
Fearless Frieda2
Spell the given word. Work with Words
Rhyming Words
Concentration game, matching, and word search
Space Trash
Catch the letters to create the spoken word.    

Work with Sentences

Monkey Business
Put the words in order to make a sentence.
Flip a Chip
Fill in the missing words from the sentences.

Writing Activities

Bee Hive - Bee An Author
Must create logins prior to use. Students can write up to a 6 page story about a bee. They choose the illustration for each page and then write their story.    

Capitalization & Punctuation

Rags to Riches
Given 4 sentences, choose the one that has proper capitalization and punctuation.    


Learn to Read
Activities and stories using several word endings including an, at, en, et, it and more
A site with many learning activities and stories, reading focus.
Its Fun to Read
Part of the StarFall Site. There are several stories for students to read.
Clifford Interactive Storybooks
Click on the story you want to listen to. Each page of the story has a word missing that the student can select from 3 possible words.
Quia (Smith)
Several activities to practice sight words, spelling words, and much more!

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