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First Grade Math

General Math Sites

Scholastic - Max's Math Adventures
Pick from a list of activities for printable worksheets or an audio explanation of the given problem.
Scholastic - Interactive Promethean Activities
Pick from a list of activities.
I4C - Internet 4 Classrooms
Select from 1. Fractions, 2. Money, 3. Time, 4. Word Problems, 5. Addition, 6. Compare Numbers, 7. Odd/Even, 8. Ordinal Numbers, 9. Place Value, 10. Subtraction, and more. (may have to refresh screen)
That Math Quiz
Choose the desired content area and set the parameters for the quiz (level, time, etc.)
Interactive Math Dictionary
Choose the desired letter of the alphabet and the terms appear. Click on a term and the definition appears along with interactive examples so students can learn and explore the topics.

Numbers and Counting

Fishy Count
Count the fish, click on the number.
Bus Counting
Put the correct numbers of students on the bus. Be sure each one sits in a seat! (Early addition)
The Counting Story
Read the story and learn about numbers. (1 - 11)
Counting - the Next Number
Help the frog move to the other side of the pond by clicking on the next number.
Count the Dots 1's (up to 25)
Connect the numbered dots in order to create a picture.
Count Us In - Color by Number
Parts of a picture are numbered. Find the number word that matches the number in the picture and color in that part of the picture.
Count the Dots by 5's (up to 100)
SKIP COUNTING -Connect the numbered dots in order to create a picture.
Count Us In - Counting Sheep
All the sheep are in one paddock. Put the sheep into the other paddock as the directed to make them equal. (Early addition & subtraction)    

Addition & Subtraction

Visualize the Number Line
Use the number line to "see" the math sentence.
Math Blox
Choose the type of problems for practice and then click Begin Game. Addition to 20.
Line Jumper
Levels: Easy, Medium, Hard. Click on the number line to give the answer to the number sentence.
Number Bonding Machine
Given one number,what number will be needed to make the total. Levels include bonding to 5, 10, 100.
Arithmetic Workshop, Addition and Subtraction
Play the free place value math activity. Click + to create addition problems. Use the arrows to places blocks on the grid. Once you have them placed click on Problem Ready to Solve button. Use arrows in the answer section to place the correct number of blocks for the problem. Click Check Answer button when done.
Subtraction Bowling
Type in the correct answer given the number sentence.

Odd & Even

Odd or Even objects
Count the number of objects click on odd or even.
Odd or Even numbers
Drag the numbers onto the Venn diagram to indicate odd or even.    


Internet4Classrooms - Money
Choose from 20 activities.
Counting Money
Beginning part of the site explains the value of coins and then asks the user to count the value and then select the correct amount from 4 choices.
Value of Coins - Lesson 1
Houghton Mifflin Site - Lessons with money, identifying the value of coins
Nickels and Pennies
Houghton Mifflin Site - given combinations of pennies and nickels students will count the coin value and choose the answer
Dimes and Pennies
Houghton Mifflin Site - given combinations of pennies and dimes, students will count the coin value and choose the answer
Count Pennies, Dimes and Nickels
Houghton Mifflin Site - given combinations of pennies, nickels,and dimes students will count the coin value and choose the answer
Count Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters
Houghton Mifflin Site - given combinations of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, students will count the coin value and choose the answer
Using Money
Houghton Mifflin Site- word problems with money.
Change Maker
Buy items and figure out how much change you would get. Select amount under $1, under $5, under $100, or big spenders.    


Time - The Hour
3 analog clocks appear. Select the clock that has the digital time given.
What Time is It?
Click on Time at the left of the screen and then choose the time activity from the listed options.
Given an analog clock with time set on it, set the digital clock to the same time.
Internet4Classroom - Time
Choose from 25 activities.
Time on the Hour
Houghton Mifflin Site- Given a picture of an analog clock, set to time on the hour, the student will type the number for the time represented.
Time on the Half Hour
Houghton Mifflin Site- Given a picture of an analog clock, set to time on the half hour, the student will choose the 2 answers that are correct using terminology as follows 12:30 or half past 12.
Elapsed Time
Houghton Mifflin Site- Given 2 clocks one with a start time, the other with an end time, student will answer how much time has gone by. Uses analog and digital clocks.
Practice with Telling Time
Houghton Mifflin Site- Student will be shown time on a clock, analog or digital and will give the 2 answers that are correct.
Interactive Clock
An analog clock appears with the current time. Students maniplate the time by 1 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour intervals (up or down). Am/PM and digital time is displayed along with the moonlight background or sunny blue sky (location of sun changes during day).


Internet4Classrooms - Patterns
Choose from 17 activities.
Patterns Lesson
4 part lessons with activities to follow. 1. identify patterns, 2. core of pattern, 3. extending patterns, 4. same pattern different shape.
Sizes = Imagination
Comparing sizes; short - tall, large, small, etc
Complete the Pattern
Fill in the missing elements for each pattern, then click submit.
Number Cracker
Fill in the number that comes next in a series.    

Place Value

Internet4Classrooms - Place Value
Choose from 12 activities.
Dinosaur Place Value
Click on the eggs that show the value of the tens and ones.
Chubs Place Value
Given a number, identify the the numeral in its proper place.
Shark Pool Place Value  
Click on the bubble that is the same as what is represented by the cubes.


Internet4Classrooms - Fractions
Choose from 19 activities.
Learn about fractions with 5 levels of activities. Level 1 is a good introduction to fractions using a pizza to visualize equal shares.
Halves Pictures, Count Us In
Put 2 halves of a picture together.
Frank and Fran's Fabulous Fractions
Lesson on half.
Who Want's Pizza
Starts with a lesson on fractions and then provides some interactive examples.

Miscellaneous Math 

Shapes Shapes = Fun

Identification of basic shapes. 
Shapes Bucky's Geometry Workshop
Identify shapes and create your own design using shapes.
Word Problems Math Lingo
Houghton Mifflin Site- Read the math sentence, find the picture that represents the sentence.
Graphing Create a Graph
Walk through the steps to create a graph.
Measure It
A ruler appears. Students must select the right measurement for the object above the ruler.
Guess the Number
Try to guess the number between 1-10, 1-100, and more.
Number Stories
Choose from 10 animated stories that involve math content.


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