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Second Grade ELA

Alphabetical Order

Alphabetical Order
CrickWeb Another activity on alphabetical order.

Working with Words

Spell City Spelling
Spelling Games based on the Dolch Sight Words
Alphabet Soup
Read the sentence, with the missing word. Click the letters in the soup to spell the missing word.
Jim's Whirlyword Machine
3 levels of working with C-V-C words.
Making Compound Words
Make a compound word, by starting with the word in red and choosing a word in blue that will create a compound word.
Poem Packs
Each poem deals with a different long vowel sound. Choose the poem to read. After reading do the activities for that poem.
Sandcastle Quiz
Choose a phoneme. A word containing a gap will appear in the sand. Listen to Colin the Clam say the complete word then click on the sandpie with the right spelling for the missing phoneme.
Words that are Similar
Find the word that means the same as a word given
Find the word that has the opposite meaning to the given word.

Spelling Activities

Drag and Spell
Drag a vowel sound into the slot to spell the word correctly. Use the slow/fast slider to increase the challenge.
Drag the letters into the correct order to spell the word. 3 levels.

Writing Activities

Writing Fun
Select the document style you want to learn about or creat: Information Report, Recount, Explanation , Persuasion, Discussion, Narrative, Response or description. First students will learn about this type of document, then they will see examples, finally they can use the template to create their own document.
Beehive - Bee an Author
Students must Log in (you may want to create accounts first).
Choose a picture for each page and write a story.
Fun Brain - Word Confusion
Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.
Monkey Business
Arrange the words and phrases to make a complete sentence.
Poetry Writing
Poetry writing tips with Jack Prelusky.  Write a poem and publish it online.
Story Creator - Oceans
There are several activities on this page. Scroll down the page to locate.


Aesops Fables
6 fables, fairly easy to read
Aesops Fables - Univ. of Virginia Library
Over 100 fables to choose from.
Happy Child
Aesops Fables 220 of Aesop's Fables, short and easy to read
Fablevision Place
Online fables to read. Stories & activities based on fables.

Stories to Read

Between the Lions  
Magic Keys Stories
Illustrated children's stories for kids of all ages

Reading Activities – Comprehension

Sequencing - Quia
Read sentences, put in order
Vocabulary Workshop  

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