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Second Grade Math

Numbers and Counting

Count the Dots
Connect the numbered dots in order to create a picture. Choose Easy (by 1's), Medium (by 5's), Hard (count backward) - you can even use letters.
Dartboard Game
Double a number to get the answer.
Number Bonding Machine
Given one number, what other number will be needed to total either 5, 10, or 100
One False Move
Given a table of numbers, click on the numbers in order. (3 levels, ascending or descending order options)


Math Baseball
Choose from Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and set the level to Easy (single digit), Medium (double digit), etc.


Base Block Subtraction
Using base blocks, students will be able to complete subtraction with regrouping in a step by step process using manipulatives.
Subtraction Machine - Level 2
Click on the level you want, then begin.

Place Value

Place Value Lesson
This is a tutorial with examples.
Place Value Game
Create the largest possible number from the digits the computer gives you


Counting Change
Match the money amounts
Counting Money 
(uses pennies, nickels,dimes, and quarters) Some teaching about the value of coins and then practice with counting money and coin value.
Counting Money
pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. Use the coins to match the amount of money given. Totals often exceed one dollar.
Change Maker
Figure out how many of each bill or coin that you expect to get back when you pay for something.
The Money Program
3 levels, easy, medium, advanced. 
Lemonade Stand
Students own their own Lemonade Stand. They must purchase supplies, make lemonade, set price and sell Lemonade all based on the weather.


Match the Time
Read the digital time, set the analog clock.

Drag the matching time into the proper position above the analog clock.
Given an analog clock, students will set the digital clock to match.
What Time is It?
Click on the digital time that matches the analog clock given.
What time will it be?
Students are challenged to predict the time that it will be given time on the clock


Learn about fractions with 5 levels of activities.
Fraction Junction
Compare faction pairs, choose the larger fraction. Level 1 uses same denominators.
Fraction Lessons
A series of lessons with practice sessions following each lesson.
Fractions - Naming
Name the fraction shown in the picture
Fractions - Parts of a Whole
Click on some of the fraction parts to see what the fraction is.
Fractions - Visualizing
Show the fraction with the shape.
Who Wants the Pizza
Teaches the concept of dividing a shape into parts to make fractions and then gives them some problems.


Creating Patterns with Sound  
Line Symmetry
This tutorial has lessons and activities on concept of line symmetry.
Patterns Lesson
This site is a tutorial that teaches about the concepts of patterns. Interactive practice also provided.
Rhino Raider
This activity students will predict and extend patterns.
Scroll down the page under Math Levels 1 & 2

Measurement & Estimation

Estimation of Length Lesson
Tutorial lessons teach about how we might measure objects
Fish Tales
Scroll down to Math Levels 1 & 2 . Find fish tales.
Guess the Number, Estimation
Guess the number between the range you specify.
Measure it!
practice with measuring inches
Weight and Capacity
Tutorial lessons and activities on concept of weight and capacity.

Geometric Shapes

Making Triangles
Given blue and red lines, connect the red lines to make a triangle and connect the blue lines make another triangle.
Mirror Images
Use pattern pieces to create designs. The mirror image of your design is displayed.
Shape Tool
Create any geometric shape imaginable. Squares, triangles, rhombi, trapezoids and hexagons can be created, colored, enlarged, shrunk, rotated, reflected, sliced, and glued together to make tessellations.


Create a Graph
Use the tutorial or start right in. Create your graph type, enter the data and preview the results (step-by-step guide).

General Math Sites

XTRA MATH - classroom sign in
2nd Grade Math
AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. See the list on the left.
Math - Grade 2
Choose from over 20 Math activities.
Number Line Math
Used to picture whole number operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, carried out on a number line.
Cookie Dough
2 activities offered. 1. Gives you a number and you write the word that tells the number. 2. The words are given for a number and you must type the number value.

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