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Alternative Energy

Energy Sources 
from the “Energy Kids” page of the U.S. Energy Information Association from the U.S. Department of Energy
Renewable Energy  
Scroll down and use the clickable list of alternative energies to find your energy type.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory 
A national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy
How Stuff Works 

Technology Basics  from the National Resources Defense Council.  Find your renewable energy type on the page and then click on the link for "More about..."

Alternative Energy – databases
Grolier Online       
Student Resources in Context



Online Bird Guide 
At the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
USGS Breeding Bird Survey   
Scroll down to “Learning Tools,” click on “Bird Information”
Ducks Unlimited 
For waterfowl information

Audubon Society


Periodic Tables of the Elements

Chemical Elements       
Interactive periodic table; excellent site for diagrams.

Periodic Table of the Elements   
From the Los Alamos National Laboratory's CST Division – interesting facts about the elements.


Plate Tectonics Webquest

Alfred Wegener        

Continental Drift

Plate Boundaries

Sea Floor Spreading   


Mountain Building

Humans & Plate Tectonics


Rocketry / Space

NASA Past Missions  
Includes Apollo, Space Shuttle, Space Station, etc

Mars Exploration Rovers  

Space Race  
Scroll down to read the entire article!

How Rocket Engines Work

Grolier Online       
World Book Encyclopedia       


Student Resources in Context

NOVEL databases 
All available databases in one list -- search all databases together or search subject databases individually.

Magazine Databases

Popular Magazines
Includes more than 1,000 of the most searched magazines 100% full text

Academic OneFile
Peer-reviewed, full-text articles for physical science, technology, medicine, literature and other subjects New York Times full-text 1995-present updated daily


Weather Webquest

Use the following websites to define the terms and answer the questions in Part I of your Weather Webquest:


Part II: Interactive & Web-based activities

1.  http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/wwatch/investigate/weather_maker.htm
2.  http://sunshine.chpc.utah.edu/labs/atmosphere/atm_measure2.html
3.  http://www.weatherbugschools.com/exploration_zone.asp?focus=2
4.  http://www.weatherbugschools.com/exploration_zone.asp?focus=2
5.  http://www.sercc.com/education_files/wxmap/wxmap.html

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