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School Counseling Office Staff
School Counselor for A-L: Stacy Bell
School Counselor for M-Z: Jessica Woods
Counseling Office Secretary: Peggy Strauf, 749-1135
School Psychologist: Melissa Brown
School Social Worker: John O'Callaghan

Beyond working on student schedules, the counseling office offers help in dealing with academic, personal and social issues. Many times, we discuss such things as problem solving, conflict resolution or organizational strategies that will enable students to become more successful academically. Junior high offers many new opportunities, and serves as a bridge between elementary and high school. Please feel free to visit us in the counseling
 office if you are having a problem, need someone to talk to, or just simply have a question.

We also encourage parents to call the counseling office if they have questions, wish to share information with the school, or would like to arrange a meeting with their child's team of teachers. 

Mental Health Counseling Availability at School:
If you would like to see a private mental health counselor, an individual from Family Counseling Services is in our building 5 days per week.  You can pick up a referral form in the counseling office.  Since the person is a private therapist, the family is responsible for payment and insurance information.  

Community Resources Information: see link below.  Homer School District doesn't endorse any specific provider.  We are just offering information about some available resources. 


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