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Student Registration

Contact: Marci D'Angelo, Registrar

Central Registration Office
Homer Elementary School
9 Central Park Place
PO Box 500
Homer, NY 13077-0500

Phone: 607-749-7241, Press 3 or Enter #5041

Your child's first day at Homer Central Schools is a very important one. We want you to have as much information as possible for a smooth, successful transition for our new students as they enter our district. This information will help support their understanding of what to expect so they will have a great start in their studies at Homer. We encourage you to view our website for general information, building information,  staff web pages, District calendar, news highlights and much more! The first step to enroll your child at Homer is the registration process.


The Central Registration Office is located at the Homer Elementary School. You may enter the building at the main door by the pillars and proceed to the Main Office to sign in as a visitor. You will need to complete one packet for each child that you will be registering. If you would like to have the registration packets mailed to you, please call 607-749-7241, then either press 3 or enter #5041, and the packets will be mailed to you immediately. If you prefer to pick them up yourself, please call the same telephone number, and the packets will be waiting for you to pick them up in the Main Office at the Elementary School. Click on the link if you prefer to download your own Student registration packet(s).

Homer Central School now offers an online Pre-Registration Website 

  • You can input your personal information in a secured, easy-to-use template. 
  • Once you submit your information online, complete the forms in the Student registration packet and call the District's registration office to make an appointment to complete your registration.

For each child that you register, you will need to present the following when you come in to register your child(ren) for school:

Proof of student's age:
(1) if available, a certified birth certificate or record of baptism; or
(2) if documentation in Category (1) is not available, a passport; or
(3) if documentation in Categories (1) and (2) are not available, other recorded evidence in existence two years or more, to determine a child's age such as: 

                     a. official driver's license;
                     b. state or other government-issued identification;
                     c. school photo identification with date of birth;
                     d. consulate identification card;
                     e. hospital or health records;
                     f. military dependent identification card;
                     g. documents issued by a federal, state or local agency; 
                     h. court orders or other court-issued documents;
                     i. native American tribal documents; or
                     j. records from non-profit international aid agencies and voluntary agencies.  

Immunization records, 
Custody agreement and/or court orders (if applicable) 
Proof of residency (2-3 forms: see list of acceptable forms of proof of residency on page 2 of the Registration Packet)

If your child receives special education services or has a medical accommodation plan, please indicate this by checking the appropriate box on the first page of the registration form and provide a copy of the most current plan where possible. It is also helpful if you bring a copy of the student's last report card. 

The items listed above will provide the District with the information that is needed to properly register your child(ren). All items are essential to the registration process.

After you have completed one registration packet for each child and gathered together the documents required to register students to the Homer Central School District, please call ahead for an appointment at 607-749-7241, press 3 or enter #5041. Office hours are 7:30am - 3:30pm during the school year and 7:30am - 3:00pm during the summer (July and August).


Please note: the District enrollment materials have been revised as of 1/30/2015 to be compliant with the Emergency Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Section 100.2(y), adopted 12/16/2014.  Any complaints concerning enrollment and registration can be submitted to the Office of the Attorney General by mail to 120 Broadway, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10271, by phone to (212) 416-8250, or by email to

Building Visit

Please call the main office in the school your child will be attending to set up a building visit. We are glad you have chosen Homer Central School District and wish your child and family a happy and successful school year!

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