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Name Location Job Title Email Department Website
Cavellier, Scott DO Director of Facilities SCavellier District Office Website
Chace, Debra EL Food Service Helper DChace Food Service
Chamberlain, Heidi HS Teacher HChamberlain Technology
Chrysler, Thomas HS Teacher TChrysler Foreign Language Website
Cincotta, Sandra EL Cook SCincotta Food Service
Clarke, Nhia EL School Nurse NClarke Elem. School
Cleland, Valerie HS Teacher VCleland Special Education Website
Cochran, Hannah EL Speech/Language Therapy HCochran Elem. School
Colasurdo, Christine HS School Counselor CColasurdo High School
Collins, Lancy DO Instructional Coach LCollins District Office Website
Combs, Michelle EL Teacher MCombs Music
Congdon, Elizabeth IN Teaching Assistant ECongdon Int. School
Connery, Janie EL School Nurse JConnery Elem. School
Contento, Theresa IN Teaching Assistant TContento Int. School
Cook, Allison EL Teacher Acook Physical Education
Cook, Jeremy JH Teacher JCook Physical Education
Cottrell, Thomas HS Teacher TCottrell Social Studies
Creeden, Jackie HS Food Service Helper JCreeden Food Service
Crumb, Roxanne IN Teacher RCrumb Int. School
D'Angelo, Marci DO Registrar/Census MDAngelo District Office
Dallaire, Cassandra HS Teacher CDallaire High School
Davenport, Kathleen HS Teaching Assistant KDavenport High School
Davison, Betsy HS Library Media Specialist BDavison High School Website
Day, Karen JH Teaching Assistant KDay Jr. High School
DeCarlo, Renee HS Teacher RDeCarlo Math Website
DeLia, Jeff TR Transportation Supervisor JDeLia Transportation
DeLucia, Denise EL Teaching Assistant DDeLucia Elem. School
DePuy, Robert IN Teacher RDePuy Int. School
Dembowski, Amanda IN Teacher Adembowski Int. School Website
Demerath, Grace JH Teacher GDemerath Jr. High School
Dennis, Erica EL Teacher EDennis Elem. School
DiGennaro, David HS Teacher DDiGennaro Music Website
DiMattei, Michael HS Teacher MDiMattei Technology
Dickson-Goodale, Barbara HS Teaching Assistant BGoodale High School
Dockstater, Dirk DO Groundskeeper DDockstater Buildings and Grounds
Douglass, Jamie EL Teacher JDouglass Classroom
Douglass, Kevin JH Teacher KDouglass Science
Dowdle, Tammy EL Teaching Assistant TDowdle Elem. School
Downes, Susan EL Secretary SDownes Elem. School
Dugan, Tracey JH Teacher Tdugan Classroom Website
Durham, Rushana EL Teaching Assistant RDurham Elem. School
Ellerson, Beth JH Teaching Assistant BEllerson Jr. High School
Ely, Cheryl HS Food Service Helper CEly Food Service
Evangelista, Keri HS Teacher KEvangelista High School
Exelby, Karen JH Teacher KExelby Classroom Website
Fairchild, Audrey HS Guidance Counselor AFairchild High School
Falls, Michael DO Assistant Superintendent for Management MFalls District Office
Falls, Stephanie IN Principal SFalls Int. School Website
Farkas, Donna HS Aide DFarkas High School
Feldman, Stefanie JH Teacher Sfeldman English Website
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