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Name Location Job Title Email Department Website
Riley, Carolyn EL Food Service Helper CRiley Food Service
Robideau, Cindy EL Teacher CRobideau Special Education
Powers, Shari EL Teacher SPowers Classroom Website
Parmiter, Suzanne EL Teacher SParmiter Classroom
Prindle, Sandra EL Teaching Assistant SPrindle Elem. School
Burr, Chris EL Teaching Assistant CBurr Elem. School
Hartnett, Christina EL Teacher CHartnett Elem. School
Chace, Debra EL Food Service Helper DChace Food Service
Mauler, Amy EL Cleaner AMauler Buildings & Grounds
Cook, Allison EL Teacher Acook Physical Education
Freshwater, Karyn EL Teacher KFreshwater Classroom Website
Douglass, Jamie EL Teacher JDouglass Classroom
Smith, Marcia EL Teacher MSmith Classroom Website
Holcomb, Valerie EL Teaching Assistant VHolcomb Elem. School
Moore, Christopher EL Director of Special Education CMoore Special Education
DeLucia, Denise EL Teaching Assistant DDeLucia Elem. School
Burgess, Donna EL Teaching Assistant DBurgess Elem. School
Silliman, Kathryn EL Teacher KSilliman ESL
Dennis, Erica EL Teacher EDennis Elem. School
Connery, Janie EL School Nurse JConnery Elem. School
Kostuk, Shannon EL Teacher SKostuk Elem. School
Tuckey, Marjorie EL Food Service Helper MTuckey Food Service
Rockwell, Carissa EL Teacher CRockwell Elem. School
Gilbert, Ashley EL Teacher AGilbert Special Education
Booth, Amanda EL Teacher ABooth Special Education
Clarke, Nhia EL School Nurse NClarke Elem. School
Shepard, Emily EL Teacher EShepard Elem. School
LaLone, Emily EL School Social Worker ELaLone Elem. School
Horton, Casey EL Teacher CHorton Elem. School
Norris, Michael EL Teacher MNorris Elem. School
Reynolds, Michelle EL Counselor MReynolds1 Elem. School
Cochran, Hannah EL Speech/Language Therapy HCochran Elem. School
Durham, Rushana EL Teaching Assistant RDurham Elem. School
West, Julie EL Cleaner JWest Elem. School
Lamie, Brittany EL Teacher BLamie Elem. School
Hill, Jacquelyn EL Teacher JHill Elem. School
Holland, Kira EL Teacher KHolland Special Education
Byrne, Nancy EL Teacher NByrne Elem. School
Butts, Michelle EL Counselor MButts Elem. School
Block, Jennifer EL Teacher JBlock Elem. School Website
Amidon, Siani EL Psychologist SAmidon Elem. School
Fuller, Kristen EL Teacher KFuller Elem. School
Kudla, Christopher EL Teacher CKudla Elem. School
Paul, Parveen EL Teaching Assistant PPaul Elem. School
Badman, Susanne EL Teacher SBadman Elem. School
Hovey, Tamara EL Teacher THovey Elem. School
Stevens, Sharon EL Teaching Assistant SStevens Elem. School
Spalding, Shannon HS co-curricular SSpalding High School
Le Roux, Claire HS Teacher CLeroux Foreign Language
Barrows, Terry HS Cleaner TBarrows Buildings & Grounds
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