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Name Location Job Title Email Department Website
Aagaard, Pete JH Teacher PAagaard Social Studies Website
Abbey, Wes TR Bus Aide WAbbey Transportation
Adams, Douglas DO Building Mechanic DAdams Buildings and Grounds
Allen, Kristin JH Teacher KAllen Special Education
Alm, Samantha IN Teacher SAlm Int. School
Amidon, Siani EL Psychologist SAmidon Elem. School
Andersen, Lori HS Teacher LAndersen English
Andre, Paul HS Teacher PAndre Art
Andrejko, Ted HS Teacher TAndrejko Science
Atkinson, Venessa HS Teacher VAtkinson High School
Avery, Karen EL Teacher KAvery Elem. School
Bachmann, Barbara JH Teacher BBachmann Jr. High School Website
Baldwin, James HS Teacher JBaldwin Social Studies
Barber, Micala IN Teaching Assistant MBarber Int. School
Barnard, Sandra JH Teacher SBarnard Math Website
Barnes, Richard IN Teacher RBarnes Physical Education
Barrett, Joy JH Teacher JBarrett Reading
Barrows, Terry HS Cleaner TBarrows Buildings and Grounds
Bauer, Amy HS Business ABauer Business
Beck, Ellen IN Teacher Ebeck Classroom
Bell, Stacy JH Guidance Counselor SBell Jr. High School Website
Berthelot, Jennifer IN Teacher JBerthelot Classroom
Bertram, Mark EL Teacher MBertram Classroom
Besler, Kathryn JH Teacher KBesler Jr. High School
Block, Jennifer EL Teacher JBlock Elem. School Website
Bonnell, Sarah IN Teacher SBonnell Int. School
Bookhout, Carolyn HS Teaching Assistant CBookhout High School
Booth, Amanda EL Teacher ABooth Special Education
Bort, Michael DO School Resource Officer MBort District Office
Bosch, Kristen HS Teacher KBosch English
Bowers, Benjamin JH Teacher BBowers Jr. High School
Bradshaw, Daniel HS Teacher DBradshaw Social Studies
Brodeur, Justin JH Teacher JBrodeur English Website
Brown, Stacy IN Teacher SBrown Classroom Website
Brown, Melissa JH Psychologist MCBrown Jr. High School
Brown, Kelley IN School Social Worker KBrown Int. School
Brown, Leann IN Teaching Assistant LBrown Int. School
Burgess, Donna EL Teaching Assistant DBurgess Elem. School
Burhans, Julie EL Teacher JBurhans Classroom
Burr, Chris EL Teaching Assistant CBurr Elem. School
Burroughs, Heidi HS Teaching Assistant HBurroughs High School
Bush, Orie EL Cleaner Obush Buildings and Grounds
Butts, Kimberly JH Teacher KButts Social Studies Website
Byrne, Nancy EL Teacher NByrne Elem. School
Calale VanOrden, Cathleen EL Teaching Assistant CVanOrden Elem. School Website
Caminiti, Alex DO Audio-Visual Coordinator ACaminiti District Office
Campbell, Meghan JH Teacher MCampbell Jr. High School
Capps, Jennifer HS School Social Worker JCapps High School
Carlson, Cindy EL Teaching Assistant CCarlson Elem. School
Carmichael, Kimberly IN School Nurse KCarmichael Int. School
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