Mrs. Drake & Mrs. Andersen: Australia Walkabout Links animals and birds of Australia and New Zealand

Australian Animals-Mammals

Australian Fauna

Plants and Animals (Australia)

Unique Australian Animals

Mrs. Andersen: Alaska Web Sites (for Two Old Women)

Alaska Native Tribes:
Yukon & Alaska History:
Gwich-in Social and Cultural Institute:
Gwich'in Council: The Gwich'in:
Gwich'in Steering Committee:
Gwich'in Tribal Council:
Old Crow: Land of the Vuntut Gwich-in:
Travels Among the Gwichin:
Velma Wallis (author):
Velma Wallis (author):

Caribou websites: and and

Mrs. Andersen: Biography Web Sites

Biography.Com: Very short biographies.
Biographical Dictionary: Very short entries; also links to other sites
Homework Center: From the Multnomah County Library
Internet Public Library: Links to sites by categories.
Library Spot: With links to other sites

Ms. Harris: Jewish History & Culture Web Sites

Judaism 101
Jewish Virtual Library
Jewish Culture and History
Judaism and Jewish Resources
Medici Archive Project

Ms. Harris: American Transcendentalism Project

American Transcendentalism Web
IHAS: The American Renaissance & Transcendentalism
PAL: Perspectives in American Literature
The Transcendentalists

The World Wide Web on Hinduism
An Introduction to Hinduism
Hinduism Simplified

The World Wide Web on Buddhism
Basic Buddhism Guide
Fundamental Buddhism Explained

Neo-Pagan-Pagan Religious Traditions
Religion & Ethics: Paganism

Mrs. Drake & Mrs. Stokoe: Author Web Sites

American Literature on the Web
English Literature on the Web
Literary Resources on the Net
Great Writers and Poets
LSU Author Guides
Online Literary Criticism Collection

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